Annals Britannica
Annals Britannica

A history of Britain from its beginnings as a geographic entity off the coast of Europe...

...up to the maelstrom that engulfed us all when the COVID-19 virus swept around the world.

As part of the celebrations to mark the coronation of King Charles III, the Annals Britannica website which celebrates and records more than 2000 years of British history will be made fully available, free of charge, throughout the month of May.

King Charles will become the 19th monarch (including the joint monarchy of William III and Mary II) who has ruled the United Kingdom of England and Scotland.  Annals Britannica also records the reigns of 14 kings of the Anglo-Saxon English, and the 23 monarchs who ruled post-Norman Conquest England.  The reigns of Scotland’s 13 Kings of Alba are noted, as are the 25 men and the one woman who reigned over the complete country of Scotland, until the crowns of England and Scotland were united in the person of James I & VI.

The British language, its products, ideas and culture have spread around the world.  Anyone who has an interest in the history of Britain is invited to make free use of this incredible site.  It builds the story of a nation which has endured through many centuries and whose legacies, for good or ill, still lives in these islands and in many other parts of the world today.

Part I - The History

Part III Historic Personalities

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