Lancastrian and Yorkist Interlude

LancastrianYorkist Interlude
The Battle of Agincourt
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Battle of Barnet
Wars of the Roses
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Kings College Chapel
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Princes in the Tower by Millais
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The English crown is taken by the usurper Henry Bolingbroke. The 100 years war with France is followed by the civil War of the Roses between Lancaster and York which decimates the old royal and noble houses of England.

Henry Bolingbroke, Duke of Lancaster, was crowned King of England on the 13 October 1399.  Although he was a full blown member of the Plantagenet family, the traumatic way in which he removed the ruling monarch and took his throne, regardless of the legitimate claim of his Mortimer cousin, caused him to be recorded as the founding father of a new dynasty, the Lancastrians.

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1399 Henry IV grants the multi-lingual poet John Gower (c1330-1408) a pension of two tuns (240 gallons) of Gascon wine for life.

~ In Scotland King Robert III’s poor health caused his son David Earl of Rothesay (1378-1402) to become regent.

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