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Tom Bliss lives in retirement in Lincolnshire, having spent his working life farming and growing soft fruit and flower bulbs. Tom has always had a keen interest in history and for many years has been concerned that most people’s information about our past is usually somewhat sporadic and limited to a few episodes such as the Viking raids, Henry VIII and his matrimonial problems or whether or not Richard III had a hump and murdered the princes in the Tower.  He makes no claims to academic training or intellectual excellence but hopes his efforts here might be accepted as a reasonably fair and objective appraisal of the historical development of the British Isles, the history of their peoples and the part they have played in the wider world.

In an effort to present an easy to read survey, covering the breadth and depth of British history, each section is introduced with an overall review of the era regarding life in Britain and unfolding events accompanied by a timeline of notable occasions and people, inventions and discoveries, social and leisure developments and literary and artistic creativity. The total effect is to tell the story of how Britain came into being, how it’s unique mix of national cultures and identities developed over the centuries and how its influence eventually came to be felt throughout the world. Issues such as slavery, empire and the Irish relationship are mentioned but little attempt is made to examine them in detail. Hopefully readers, whether they be students wishing to comprehend their cultural background or newcomers wanting to know more about the history and culture of their new home and neighbours, will appreciate the Annals Britannica website which includes informative thumbnail sketches of historical figures such as notable prime ministers and some royal lovers, mistresses and favourites.

Books Tom has written which are available from Amazon:

  • Stonehenge to Brexit; A Brief Survey of British History. Blissworks 2018 ISBN 978-1-9996007-0-9
  • Homelands of Bliss: The British Origins of American Bliss Families. Blissworks 2019 ISBN 978-1-9996007-1-6

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