The Prehistoric Era

stonehenge Prehistoric Britain
Prehistoric Britain
stonehenge Prehistoric Britain
Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire
Maiden Castle
Must Farm (Bronze Age settlement)
Peterborough, in Cambridgeshire
Prehistoric Britain
County Meath, Ireland
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A resumé of the prehistoric period in the British Isles.

Way back in time our islands were abruptly broken from the mainland mass of Europe by rising seas.  There are signs that a few hunter gatherers were marooned here.  We know nothing of those small groups who foraged for seeds and nuts and fruit and edible fungi and followed the herds of herbaceous-eating animals which provided their meat.  They have left a few signs of habitation, a few bones, a scattering of stone tools and nothing much else.

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Circa 16,000 BC A hypothetical land bridge between Euro-Britain and Ireland is cut by rising sea levels during a warming period?

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