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Early Tudors
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The old order is overthrown by the outsider Henry Tudor, who heads a dynasty which takes England and Britain out of the medieval period and into a new world.

Henry Tudor came to the throne by right of conquest, like William the Conqueror. He was not a foreigner but he was almost a stranger to the English corridors of power. However, he was sustained on the hopes and ambitions of his mother, the influential Margaret Beaufort, who had nurtured his tendentious right to the throne from his earliest years.

She was the only child of John Beaufort first Earl of Somerset, head of the senior branch of the Beaufort family descended from John of Gaunt and Katherine Swynford. Her father died leaving her heir to his fortune and inheritor of a weak claim to the throne.

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1485 Henry Tudor, descended via his mother from John of Gaunt and Katherine Swynford, is crowned as Henry VII. He marries Elizabeth of York (1466-1503), sister of the lost princes, and founds the new Tudor dynasty.

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