Very good resource

Annals Britannica website is a very, very good resource! I believe a few of my classmates have bought access to it also. I really enjoy the way you write - it is informative as well as enjoyable from a literary sense. I have been using it so far to aid my learning about the Reaction and Reform period of the 1800s. I really am pleased to have found this resource. Thank you very much and I hope you are pleased with it also!  A student


I have been intending to congratulate you on your magnificent website Annals Britannica. I am so impressed. What a worthwhile way to spend time in lockdown, vastly superior to what most people have achieved. Perhaps lockdown was your gift - it would never have been finished without that? II have given the website address to friends who, I know, will be interested.   D.

Wonderful achievement

I have been looking at your website, Annals Britannica. Can I CONGRATULATE you on a wonderful achievement. I’m not a historical buff and hated history at school but I must say I am enjoying this version you have produced and am recommending it to my family and friends. WELL DONE. I hope our paths cross one day .  J.

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