Forgotten Tradition

When the accession of King Charles III was proclaimed throughout Cambridgeshire (including the City of Ely) on Sunday Sept 11th, it appears that an old tradition was forgotten. In 1952, I was present as a schoolboy age 13 when newsreel cameras and journalists gathered to report the proclamation of Elizabeth II in the city of … Read more

HM Queen Elizabeth II

Seventy years of service and devotion to duty by an extraordinary woman are now completed. She ranks among the best and greatest of the preceding 53 monarchs who, beginning with Aethelstan in AD 927, are recorded by Annals Britannica as rulers of first England and later Great Britain, the United Kingdom and many Commonwealth countries … Read more

Under-valued British historical figures

This is a series in Annals Britannica the online website  by Tom Bliss about people whose great contributions to the political, cultural, social or spiritual  life in Britain and the wider world are neglected in most accounts of British history. Granville Sharp 1735-1813 Whilst his contemporary, the orator William Wilberforce is commemorated with an imposing … Read more

British Empire

The British Empire See Annals Britannica the complete British History website by Tom Bliss for the latest addition entitled The Growth and Decline of the British Empire. This is a major new section  which provides a time-line of  Britain’s involvement with every part of the former British Empire, from the vast complexity of the British Raj … Read more

200 Years Ago

Annals Britannica the historical website managed by Tom Bliss records that in 1822 the following deaths occurred. Percy Shelley One of England’s most famous Romantic Poets, Percy Bysshe Shelley, who wrote the sonnet Ozymondias and other classics of English Literature, drowned off the Italian coast at the age of twenty nine on 8th July. His … Read more

Thatcher’s Statue

Margaret Thatcher Stopped by to see the statue of Margaret Thatcher in Grantham, daubed with red paint as a protest about her political legacy . Also met two young Lithuanians who admire her part in setting free their country and the rest of eastern Europe from the Soviet Empire. Different eyes – different views! See … Read more

1922 Committee

Boris’s Judges Annals Britannica the historical website composed by Tom Bliss records the beginning of the Conservative Party backbencher’s committee 100 years ago this year. Today that committee meets to consider if the MPs have confidence in Boris Johnson as leader of the party. Revolt in 1922 At the end of 1918 a Conservative and … Read more

Did You Know

Death of the first Duke of Marlborough Annals Britannica, the history website by Tom Bliss records that this year marks the three hundredth anniversary of the first Duke of Marlborough‘s death. He was an ancestor of Sir Winston Churchill and one of Britain’s greatest soldiers. Blenheim His great victory at Blenheim in Bavaria in 1704 … Read more

Did You Know

Hadrian’s Wall Annals Britannica, the complete British History website by Tom Bliss records that the Emperor Hadrian visited Britain 1900 years ago in the year 122 A D and decreed that the northern limit of the Roman Empire  should be delineated by a wall spanning Northern Britannica from the Tyne estuary to the Solway Firth. … Read more

Did You Know

  Tutankhamun’s Tomb Discovered Annals Britannica, the online History of Britain by Tom Bliss, mentions the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun by Howard Carter on this day Feb 16th 1923. Annals reveals that Carter was one of several British archaeologists who revealed many of the secrets of the ancient world’s civilisations.

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