Coronation Special!

Celebrating the long history of the United Kingdom and its monarchy As part of the celebrations to mark the coronation of King Charles III, the Annals Britannica website is going to be accessible to everyone free of charge throughout the month of May. King Charles will become the 19th monarch (including the joint monarchy of … Read more

Royal Partners

In recent weeks many visitors to Annals Britannica from around the world have visited the chapter about Notable Royal Spouses, Mistresses, Favourites and Lovers. This increase in interest has perhaps been caused by the death of our late Queen Elizabeth II, although the chapter contains no references to any living personalities. Nevertheless, I hope all … Read more

Forgotten Tradition

When the accession of King Charles III was proclaimed throughout Cambridgeshire (including the City of Ely) on Sunday Sept 11th, it appears that an old tradition was forgotten. In 1952, I was present as a schoolboy age 13 when newsreel cameras and journalists gathered to report the proclamation of Elizabeth II in the city of … Read more

HM Queen Elizabeth II

Seventy years of service and devotion to duty by an extraordinary woman are now completed. She ranks among the best and greatest of the preceding 53 monarchs who, beginning with Aethelstan in AD 927, are recorded by Annals Britannica as rulers of first England and later Great Britain, the United Kingdom and many Commonwealth countries … Read more

British Empire

The British Empire See Annals Britannica the complete British History website by Tom Bliss for the latest addition entitled The Growth and Decline of the British Empire. This is a major new section  which provides a time-line of  Britain’s involvement with every part of the former British Empire, from the vast complexity of the British Raj … Read more


Very good resource Annals Britannica website is a very, very good resource! I believe a few of my classmates have bought access to it also. I really enjoy the way you write – it is informative as well as enjoyable from a literary sense. I have been using it so far to aid my learning … Read more

News Items

Annals Britannica

Annals Britannica is currently featured in several newspaper reports currently appearing in the Fenland Citizen, the Ely Standard. the Wisbech Standard and the Sleaford Standard newspapers. Read more about the online survey and timeline of  British history and its author Tom Bliss on these websites.

Lynn News

Annals Britannica is currently featuring on Lynn News. Read more about the online survey and timeline of british history on the Lynn News website.

Anniversaries 2021

 2021 Literary and Dramatic 60th anniversaries Annals Britannica, a comprehensive review and timeline of British history, records the 60th anniversary of some notable artistic ventures which happened in 1961. The satirical magazine Private Eye was first published in 1961. It became noted for humorous but wounding lampoons of leading figures in public life and also frequently … Read more

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